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How much does a business website cost?

Nowadays creating a personal website is very easy, and the costs are minimal. However, things change drastically when it comes to creating business websites. Costs are way higher, and that means it can be very challenging to establish a professional website. That’s especially true if you are a beginner in the business world. When you learn how much does a business website costs, you will notice it’s extremely hard to afford one if you are an entrepreneur with limited funds. Thankfully, there are always solutions to focus on, all you need is the right amount of patience and you will be fine.

It all comes down to the features you need

As you can imagine, a business website can be very complex, or it can be a one-page website. The main focus you need to have is on what pages you need and what type of content you want to add there. Animations, slides, transitions and so on will end up costing you more. Ideally, you want to start with a good base platform that allows you to add complex stuff to it later on. Most of the time WordPress is a great solution for business websites, but then again, it’s up to you to choose what to do and how to adapt that to the entire process.

A simple business website can have a single page. Most of the time you will share services and everything else in there. The problem with this is that it might cost you $1000 for that page alone, and it won’t be that professional. One-page websites work if they come with animations and so on, which means that raises the price quite a bit. So you still need to pay attention to a lot of different things in order to make this work properly, which has its fair share of challenges.

The base website can cost $1000 with everything put together nicely, and then you can pay around $100 per page. Sometimes the cost per page will be higher than this, so you have to figure out what works for you and then just go from there.  

Are you adding custom items?

That depends on what you need, but if you choose to go the custom route costs can be even higher. A custom website layout or template can cost anywhere from $50 up to $500 depending on its complexity. And then if you choose to have some custom images and graphics, then the costs ramp up even more. To make things even more challenging, other stuff like custom programming can be costly too.

Sometimes even simple functions like payment calculators, membership portals or image sliders can cost $500 or more. That depends on the developer and his costs, but as you can imagine, these things are quite expensive and challenging, so you really need to tackle them correctly and in a professional manner.

When you choose to have a business website done, you also need to consider the need for revisions. If the designers went a route that you dislike, you should be able to have some revisions available. Most of the time you have to pay for revisions, and these can be rather costly. They should be a part of an agreement between you and the designers to avoid any issues.

Think about content creation too

A lot of website owners tend to disregard the importance of content for their new website. It’s great to have a newly designed website, but the reality is that without content you won’t have access to any great results. The main focus here has to be on creating content that’s appealing. You also want the content to be informative and professional.

Of course, you should post as often as possible and ensure that customers will like the results. After you post the initial content, ask your customers for feedback. This will help revise some bits and pieces, and it will certainly make the experience a whole lot better without that much of a problem.

How much can you expect to pay for a business website?

As we mentioned earlier, costs will differ quite a lot based on who creates the website and what features you want to be added. But more often than not you can expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $8000 for a small business website that has 20 pages or less.

A medium-sized business website has up to 75 pages, and it also includes a custom design layout, images, unique functions and it’s CMS enabled. This one will cost you $10000 to $25000, with the option of being even more based on what custom functions are provided by the developers in a situation like this.

An e-commerce business needs specific features like payment gateway integration, copywriting, beta testing, CMS, imagery and so on. Depending on the number of products and also their intricacy, we expect costs to be anywhere from $5000 and up to $40000. When you are on the higher price range, you will most likely have dozens or even hundreds of products on the store.

For large businesses, you will have hundreds of website pages, a CMS, custom images and design, blog integration, personalized development, and multimedia creation. There’s a lot of work involved here, but most of the time you can expect costs to be around $25000 to $40000 or sometimes even more than that.

Are there any alternatives?

Creating a business website from scratch is very expensive, as you can see. But if you’re looking to spend less on your business website and still obtain great results, visit right now.

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